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by Rick Turoczy

I know, I know. Thirty hours of livestreaming sounds interesting and all, but how are we going to keep everyone on the edges of their respective seats? Better yet, how are we going to generate more proceeds and donations for the charities we’re supporting?

By giving away cool stuff to randomly selected folks. It’s a livestream telethon. It’s interactive.

But we can only do that with the help of sponsors. Like you.

Would you like to be one? Of course you would. And we’d like you to be one. So we’re all in agreement.

Sponsor opportunities

Here at 30 hour day, we’re willing to take any contribution you’re willing to offer. Because what may seem like a small commitment to you could be an invaluable donation to someone else.

But if you’re interested in donating a more substantial amount, we have plans for that, as well. Sound good? We think so too. Feel free to sign up for more information using the sponsor form or review the available sponsor levels, below.

Why would you be interested in doing that? Well, aside from helping local charities serve people in need, you’ll be making a commitment that highlights your support for the local Portland tech community. What’s more—since this event will be livestreamed on the Web—you’ll have the opportunity to have your organization or product exposed to an international audience. I mean, we’ve barely even begun our effort, and 30 hour day has already been covered by the Huffington Post, the most popular blog in the world.

Just to be clear, sponsorship levels will be based on the amount of a cash donation, the fair market value of donations to the 30 hour day auction, or a combination thereof.

Supporter level (less than $500)

By donating up t0 $499.99, your organization will receive a text link on 30hourday.org, as well as several mentions on Twitter and Facebook as we lead up to the event.

Contributor ($500 – $999)

If your organization can contribute more than $500, you’ll have the opportunity to feature your logo, description, and link in the 30 hour day sponsors area. We’ll mention your organization and highlight your sponsor description in tweets and Facebook updates. In addition, you will receive a verbal mention (up to 30 second spot) during the 30 hour day livestream broadcast.

Sponsor level ($1000+)

Organizations that contribute more than $1000 will receive all of the Contributor level benefits, plus the following Sponsor level benefits. Sponsors will have the option of choosing a one-hour time slot during which the name and/or logo of the organization appears at the bottom of the screen for an entire hour of the livestream event (“This hour brought to you by…”). Time slots will be reserved on a first-come, first-served basis. Sponsors also receive one (1) free pass to attend behind the scenes at Pioneer Courthouse Square during the livestream. In addition, Sponsors will be featured in promotional tweets and Facebook posts to highlight the sponsorship and time slot.

Benefactor level (Twitter, Facebook follower contest, $1 per follower)

The Benefactor level is by far the most interesting level of sponsorship for the event. Benefactor level benefits include access to all of the promotional opportunities above, including two (2) free passes to attend the live studio audience during the livestream. This sponsorship carries with it the opportunity for innumerable mentions on Twitter, Facebook, and during the livestream broadcast.

Benefactors will commit to donate $1 per follower for either the 30 hour day Twitter account or the 30 hour day Facebook fan page. To control costs, 30 hour day can cap the amount as suggested by the Benefactor (e.g, $1 per follower up to $5000). This is not an exclusive sponsorship. 30 hour day will endeavor to support as many Benefactor sponsors as possible.

NOTE: Benefactor commitment must be greater than $2500.

Custom sponsorship arrangements

The sponsorship levels  listed above are designed to start the conversation. If you have a custom sponsorship you would like to discuss, we’re all ears. We’d love to have your organization participating, appearing on the livestream, and showing up in Portland’s living room.

Sound interesting? Please contact 30 hour day for more information.

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