Volunteers Wanted: Dead or Alive

by Cami Kaos on April 8, 2010

You could probably ignore that last part of the title.  I really do prefer living volunteers,  I’m just  feeling a little dramatic as we try to flesh out the 30 Hour Day 2 team with some skilled, motivated and caring individuals.  We haven’t asked for volunteers yet because we just weren’t ready for the flood of help you all offered.

Honestly, I’m still not sure we’re ready but it’s time to get things underway.  We learned some important lessons last time and one of those is that Rick and I don’t need full use of our brains to sit on camera and be ridiculous as long as we have motivated well rested people on board to help us.  Which means true to 30 hour day we can stay up all night and day but you, you can’t.  Not if you want to help.  To that end there will be a time limit for volunteers.  No exceptions.

Another very important Item we picked up on?  Neither Mike, Rick or myself have the time or desire to coordinate and manage every last detail.  That lesson is what brings me to the point of this post:  Help Wanted. And fast!

We’re going to need a lot of volunteers and the positions we need to fill run the gamut from itty bitty to huge levels of involvement.  We need help.  We have one brilliant photographer but we need more, we need a designer, we need staff, security, props, grips, talent, crew and so much more.  If there’s something special you’d like to help us with please let us know, but we won’t be coordinating any other volunteers until we can fill these 2 key positions.

Volunteer Coordinator – It takes a lot of people to pull off an event like 30 Hour Day.  We need a person with one ring to rule them all.  It takes know how, organization, a cool head and the ability to be assertive.  You would be responsible for coordinating the volunteers, scheduling their shifts and placing on site volunteer coordinators for the entire 30 hours of air time in addition to tear down and set up.

Sponsor Coordinator – All of the donations we receive during 30 Hour Day go to the non-profits we’re raising funds for.  That means all costs incurred in the production of the show need to be covered by sponsorship and advertising.  There are a variety of sponsorship opportunities available, and we need the Sponsor Coordinator to get out there in the community and find companies and individuals that believe in what we’re doing and want to help us on our way to success.  It’s a big job to contact and stay connected with sponsors and advertisers so we need someone who will give this their all.

Are you interested in one of these positions?  Do you have the experience to get the job done and the um… social graces to deal with strong willed, obstinate and slightly frazzled creators and producers?  To apply send us an email at thirtyhourday@gmail.com with your qualifications, experience and references.

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