We know what we’re doing with our content. What are YOU going to do with our content?

by Rick Turoczy on November 11, 2009

When we came up with 30 hour day, we were focused on the idea of giving back to the Portland, Oregon, community. By helping organizations that help people in need with food, toys, and tech.

But then it dawned on us: this is the Web. Not only that, it’s the Worldwide Web. And that got us to thinking…

We know what we’re going to do be doing with 30 straight hours of livestreamed content. The question is: What are YOU going to do with it?

That’s right. We want you to use our content to help people in your community. You might get us to help promote charities in your area. You might organize a food drive around a simulcast of the 30 hour day. You might charge admission to show it to your coworkers on your cinema display.

Any idea is fair game. And we’ll help you promote whatever you’re doing.

Sound good? Good. Let’s get started.

What’s that? You’re struggling to figure out how to take advantage of our content? Here are some ideas to get you started with using the 30 hour day content for your favorite charities.

Feel free to comment below, ping us on Twitter, or contact us on Facebook. We’re looking forward to working with you.

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